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"Local" Web Services

In a world where applications are increasingly being defined by declarative XML like BPEL, XForms, XPath, it is becoming cumbersome and complicated to incorporate all of those definitions into procedural applications. But perhaps the tail has been wagging the dog. If the flow of an application, the interface points to external entities, its user interface, and its queries are all defined in XML, perhaps it is time to simply admit that the application is written primarily in XML and that logic must be integrated with the XML defined application, not the other way around! Of course the obvious integration point for such an architecture is web services, which clearly is not ideally suited for adding snippets of code or for having a bunch of internal methods that call each other and share the same dataset. What is needed is a method to have a web service that is treated like a local method call, much like in the CORBA days there was a way to do a local IIOP call. The concept of Local