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Facebook is about to feature creep itself into a usage U-turn

This post was also published in VentureBeat. People use Facebook a lot. They use it to share photos. They use it to invite people to events. They use it as an address book and messaging system. They use it as a games platform. The growth has been so staggering that Facebook is by far the most popular website and can’t even fill its existing ad display inventory . When a company has achieved complete market domination, it usually hones in on its core features and makes every effort to keep things clean and simple. This is the reason Google’s homepage and search results barely changed for 10 years while Google’s revenue and profits skyrocketed. Facebook, however, has different ideas. Despite the often rumored Facebook fatigue , Mark Zuckerberg thinks that sharing will double every year . Now that we can already Like everything on the web, what else can we possibly share? Enter the rumored Read/Watch/Listen features that are expected to be launched on Thursday at the Facebook f