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Why IT leaders need to meet the needs of the hourly worker

This post was also published in Hourly employees are frequently overlooked in IT strategy — but often present the highest case for return on investment. In IT decision making, the core stakeholder of a business system is typically the business function. The finance department selects the finance system, the human resources department selects the HR system, and so on. Downstream from these decisions, regular employees are then frequently confronted with Byzantine systems. This issue is particularly pronounced for hourly workers, who are rarely considered when building and investing in work systems. At many large and midsize companies, hourly workers use a variety of non-intuitive legacy systems to perform functions like submitting timesheets, scheduling shifts, and looking up inventory. The business challenge of integrating hourly workers Hourly employees are usually the most underfunded in terms of IT spend, but often present the highest case for IT return on i