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Google's push past search

This post was also published on TechCrunch. As a recent analysis indicated, Google’s traditional search is not working on mobile as well as it did on the desktop web. Sifting through organic search results on a mobile device is a sub-optimal experience, especially when compared to the push notifications and personalized streams of cards that have made mobile apps from Facebook, Twitter and Tinder so habit-forming and successful. Google is getting well ahead of its mobile organic search problem, especially on Android where it has full control of the end-to-end mobile experience. Google has strung together push notifications, a stream of predictive answers and an answer box in an attempt to answer a search query three times before showing organic search results. Answer Attempt No. 1 – Notify you that something important is happening before you even ask Google’s primary push play is its much-maligned Google Now, which is increasingly becoming more functional and relevant, espec