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It's collaboration software that's dead, not Email

This post was the source of a CRM Magazine article. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg caused quite a stir by stating that email was becoming obsolete . Sandberg drew her conclusion from data on the communication behavior of teenagers , who predominately use SMS and social networking, and extrapolating that this generation will never use email. This is no surprise, since Email has evolved into a communication tool used primarily for business, and teenagers are not in the workforce yet. In ten years when these teenagers have jobs need to coordinate a project between say a web design firm, a hosting company, internal IT staff, and their boss and organizational stakeholders, what are they going to do, text them all? Sandberg is right that Email is pretty much dead for social communication. When you want to ask a friend what they are doing tonight, you text. When you want to ask a colleague what they are doing for lunch, you chat. To ping a friend you haven't talked to in a while, yo