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Web 2.0: Don't try this at work

One of the big drivers of Internet applications in the corporate world was the stark contrast of what people could do at home and at work: At Home: Buy books, buy movie tickets, look up the weather, etc. At Work: Call HR to change health plan, call factory floor to find out what happened to customer's order, call invoicing to find out what happened to a bill, etc. Well clearly something at work was wrong, and soon enough everything was online. :) Now look at the difference between home and work today: At Home: Web applications are using JavaScript and DHTML to enhance the user experience and decrease server interactions. Some random guy can combine Google Maps and Craigslist apartment listings in a useful way without talking to either Google or Craigslist ( ). At Work: Everything has a Netscape 3 level of UI interactivity and nothing works with anything else. This difference in functionality and the increasing expectations of users will lea