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Introducing Summary.News - The AI news aggregator that summarizes by perspective

I’m excited to soft launch Summary.News , an AI news aggregator that helps news readers know what's really happening by summarizing perspectives such as liberal, mainstream, and conservative. We aim to restore trust in the news with a more holistic view of stories. Many people were shocked when inflation was not transitory, Kyle Rittenhouse was declared not guilty, a miracle vaccine did not stop spread, and the Ukrainian counter-offensive quickly ground to a halt. A select few newshounds were not surprised by these outcomes, but it takes a lot of time and energy to hunt, peck, and distill through various news sites to triangulate on what’s really happening. Trust in the news has unfortunately dropped to only 11% for newspapers, which to be clear are primarily mainstream publications and does not include Fox News. Popular news media typically operates from a factual basis but often omits vital facts. Articles about the Supreme Court Dobbs decision will include opinion polls about

AI is coming for the professional-managerial class

In his 1941 book, The Managerial Revolution , James Burnham predicted that a class of managers and administrators would rise above people performing actual tasks. Later dubbed the “ professional–managerial class ” by John and Barabara Ehrenreich, no one could have predicted that a vast swath of the upper middle class would become administrators, project managers, program managers, compliance officers, and the like. The growth of managers and administrators From hospitals to schools to companies, there are more managers and administrators than individual contributors working on what the organization actually creates. Thirty years ago, if you walked into a three-doctor physician’s practice, one receptionist would be at the desk. Now, an army of schedulers, insurance submitters, transcribers, and other paperwork managers serve the three doctors. What do managers and administrators do all day? These college-educated professionals make presentations, checklists, align, strategize, check off