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AI is coming for the professional-managerial class

In his 1941 book, The Managerial Revolution , James Burnham predicted that a class of managers and administrators would rise above people performing actual tasks. Later dubbed the “ professional–managerial class ” by John and Barabara Ehrenreich, no one could have predicted that a vast swath of the upper middle class would become administrators, project managers, program managers, compliance officers, and the like. The growth of managers and administrators From hospitals to schools to companies, there are more managers and administrators than individual contributors working on what the organization actually creates. Thirty years ago, if you walked into a three-doctor physician’s practice, one receptionist would be at the desk. Now, an army of schedulers, insurance submitters, transcribers, and other paperwork managers serve the three doctors. What do managers and administrators do all day? These college-educated professionals make presentations, checklists, align, strategize, check off