BusinessWeek article about LAMP stack, Slashdotted again

There was a great article about LAMP and ActiveGrid by Steve Hamm in BusinessWeek today that was Slashdotted and started YAFF (yet another flame war) very reminiscent of when we were Slashdotted last year. To sum up the article, it lists a few indisputable facts:
  1. Google, Yahoo, and a lot of Web 2.0 companies such as Friendster, Flickr, and Facebook are using open source stacks like LAMP instead of Java.
  2. There are more and more developers and websites using PHP, as evidenced by booksales and Netcraft stats.
  3. Companies like Merrill Lynch write processor intensive code in C/C++ directly on Linux and script it rather than use Java API's, presumably because they want more perfromance and do not care about platform portability out of Linux.
  4. .Net is getting used a lot more in enterprises (something I have seen in quite a few large accounts and which Sun even acknowledges in the article).
  5. "Earlier this year, [IBM] threw its weight behind PHP as a Web programming language."
Well these are all facts, and grouped together like this, I daresay they are a trend. Sun's response?
  1. Java is getting a lot of traction on mobile phones.
  2. Java is still used for "large, complex corporate applications".
Hey, I recommend Java myself if you want to write a cell phone game or a large, complex corporate app. But for a lightweight web app that needs to integrate a bunch of services with a rich user interface? It's LAMP all the way.